Analogue Pizza Cheese

A low cholesterol Analogue Pizza Cheese which tastes similar to Natural cheese - made using CP Butter Concentrate Paste

Adare Food Ingredients Pvt Ltd

Skim milk cheese

Vegetable Oil (Palm fat)


Di-sodium phosphate

Tri-sodium citrate


Potassium sorbate

Acidity regulator


1. Blend skim milk cheese, vegetable oil, water, emulsifying     salts and salt
2. Heat to 70° with continuous mixing
3. Add CP Butter Concentrate, Potassium sorbate and Acidity     Regulator
4. Pasteurize at 80 - 85° and hold for 2 – 5 min
5. Hot pack, cool and store at refrigerated temperature < 6°
6. Analogue Pizza Cheese can be used in shredded / diced /     sliced formats

Benefits of CP Cheese Concentrates

Imparts rich buttery notes at low dosage rates
100% natural, made from Dairy Ingredients.
Cost effective
Available in easy to use paste & powder formats
Shelf stable for 12 to 24 months
Kosher and Halal certified products available